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But yet The Kid has 2 pairs of Ray-Bans.

Hi, my name is Mo. I am a blogger, a mother, a wife. Not necessarily in that order. I started this blog in January of 2013 as a New Year’s resolution. And that was the very first and last New Year’s Resolution that I ever started and kept. I also started this blog because I always had a little voice in my head that told me I needed to write. Also, I thought that writing would help keep my sanity. It turns out, it does and also, I fell utterly and completely in love with the act.

Below you will find the cast of characters:


Whelp, I took care of that right fast.

Mo – That’s me! I am a fairly new full-time worker outside of the home after years of being a SAHM. I really love my job, but prefer to write. Although I am not putting all my eggs in one basket, I’m hoping that will change one day sooner than later. I am currently working on a book of short stories that will certainly be the funniest thing to hit the library shelves in the 21st century. It will quickly be turned into a made for TV movie on Lifetime. Jennifer Aniston will have to come back to television to play me since we are twins. Other things about me? I abhor cleaning, laundry, cooking and basically anything that requires actual labor. I was a princess in a previous life. This is true. Oh, and wine is my spirit animal.

DH – This stands for Dear Husband. I use “DH” in my posts in the interest of time. And because I am lazy. DH is a saint because he puts up with my daily shenanigans. He thinks I’m funny, he just doesn’t say so out loud. He’s really nice to look at, and loves me in spite of all things that spew from my mouth. He’s a keeper.

The Kid – Whenever you hear me talking about “The Kid,” I am speaking of my sweet, sometimes hormone enraged, wonderful and really attractive because she looks like me, currently teenage college sophomore daughter who will soon be twenty. I’m not sure how that happened, and I don’t want to talk about it.

While you are here, you will find random rantings, life experiences and relatable subject matter.  I am extremely self-deprecating and like to talk about my obsession with middle age and the fact that everything on my body is heading south where the birds go. My blog may be about a whole lot of nothing at times, but hopefully I’ll get some laughs out of you. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer, nor do I claim to be. I pretty much don’t know what I’m doing, but whatever it is, I’m having fun. In fact, this is my first attempt at anything writing related. Oh, I did take an online writing course and have enough books about writing to open a store. Does that count? I have plenty of material swirling around in my head so I thought it would be fun to share. In a nutshell, I am a bit uneducated in the field. I’m okay with it if you are.

8 thoughts on “All About Mo

  1. Maria

    Hi MO!
    You need to have a warning label before your posts that say, “PEE FIRST!” Common side effects include possible leakage of urinary functions! Looking forward to more!

    1. momfeld Post author

      Thanks for the compliment Maria! I guess I should put in a disclaimer…I’m glad I could make you pee!!!

  2. Kelly - Hope Mills - Gomez


    Hahahahaha. This is great. Janet sent me your all too funny site today. Love it.
    I’ll keep checking in.
    Have a drink for me and hope you visit soon.

    1. momfeld Post author

      Hi Kelly!!! I’m so happy you paid a visit! I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t already, you can subscribe on the home page. Then you can receive every post I write via email. I hope all is well! Miss you girl! Oh, and spread the love, will ya? Hope to see you soon!

  3. Rob martin

    Hey Mo, just read your “rant” about the Irish dance weekend. You are the female Dave Barry! Quit that retail job and send these blogs somewhere to get paid for your talents….I’m a big fan!

    1. momfeld Post author

      Rob, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me. Thanks so much! I’m happy you are enjoying my blog. Keep on reading. Wanna be my agent?


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