Alphabet Poem

Day 6 of 16 – Writer’s Digest Writing Prompt Bootcamp

Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet. Have the first line start with the letter “A,” the second “B,” the third “C,” etc. 

About this winter, how did it go?

Bleak and cold, it sure did blow.
‘Course I hate the snow when there is too much
December was bad, even with Christmas and such.
Every damn day, there seemed to be white
Falling from the sky, it sure did bite.
Growing around me, big mountains of ice
How does it keep coming?  I think I’d rather have lice.
Ignoring it was ridiculous, silly and futile
January was just about or equally as brutal.
Kill me now, was always my thought
Learning is not happening, they need to be taught.
My God, the kids need to go back to school
Not going is really not cool.
Oh I am for sure losing my mind
Please oh please all this white is making me blind.
Quit snowing now or forever hold your peace
Right away, right this minute I’m sick of wearing fleece.
Summer is coming, it best be better
‘Til then Mother Nature will be getting a letter.
Unanimously, I’ll bet you all will agree
Vacation for us with wine and a side of brie.
Winter this year was so bad
Xoxo no I don’t mean that, good riddance and never come back
Yikes!  I sure do suck at this poetry
Zippety doo dah I think I’ll keep my day job-etry.
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