Yes, I Was Nominated for the ALS Challenge and Here It Is

I was nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge. I put in on my Facebook page but for all of you who don’t have Facebook or don’t follow me, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Ok, so I was nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge even though I hoped beyond hope that no one would, even though it’s for a good cause. 

Me, the person with the biggest mouth in the history of big mouths cannot be heard. And I’m not doing it again cuz it’s like 20 below zero in the northeast today and I already almost froze my balls off so…

I was thanking my dear friend Moira Teeking for making the nomination. You’re da bomb, not really. In return I nominate my two awesome sisters-in-law(s?) April Kehoe and Janet Kehoe and my little friend Ingrid. You all are ON! You have 24 hours girls. You know the drill.

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