My Favorite Things


Don’t you just love that song “My Favorite Things?”  I do.  If I even say the word “favorite” it pops up in my brain.  You know how easily songs just pop up in there.  Anyway, I thought, hmm, I bet all my readers would just LOVE to hear about some of my favorite things.  And that’s what I’m going to do.  Tell you.

  1. My bed.  Oh Lord in Heaven.  Seriously.  Climbing into my bed at the end of a crazy day — freak it, it doesn’t even have to be crazy — and stretching out all of my limbs has got to be, by far, the most favorite part of my day.  Like seriously.  I’d rather do that than, well, never mind.  It’s like Disney World for my soul.  Or at the very least, Busch Gardens.
  2. My new Garlic Peeler and Slicer from Pampered Chef that prevents me from ever touching a garlic bulb ever again ever.  There is nothing worse than having the smell of garlic on my fingers for a week.  Well, having it seep out of my pores for 2 days kind of sucks too.  But that’s the price I’m willing to pay for the pungent, irresistible flavor of this herb (vegetable?) closely related to the onion.
  3. The heated seats in my car.  Love, love, love my heated seats, aka Sheats.  There is nothing like having my buns warmed by electrical currents.  Genius I tell you.  Pure genius.
  4. My red plaid PJ pants that I got in the clearance bin at some outlet store somewhere about a million years ago.  They are tattered and torn and will fall apart any minute.  Chances are, if you’ve been to my house — hell, if you’ve been to Shop Rite — you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them.
  5. My Rabbit.  No.  Not the furry kind.  The “easily open a bottle of wine in a jiffy” kind.  This hardly needs an explanation.  Therefore, I will not give you one.


Nice, right?  I know.  Don’t be jealous.  Now go get your own things.

This blog topic has been inspired by the one and only “Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop”

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8 Replies to “My Favorite Things”

      1. You gotta get one. I used to think the Rabbit was great until Mike ordered the Ozeri from Amazon. I remember saying to him – “how lazy can you be, you need an electric wine opener???” That was until I started using it. Now if there is a storm predicted I make sure that bad boy is fully charged in case we lose power.

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