I Have a Stitch In My Knee

See that behind the bandaid?  I know my knees are in serious need of some moisturizer.
See that behind the bandaid? And I know, my knees are in serious need of some moisturizer.

I am in awe of anyone in the healthcare profession.  Particularly those who can look at, touch and fix broken, bleeding and cut open body parts.

Yesterday I went to have the stitches in my knee removed.  I was full of complete anxiety all day long.  All day long.  I kid you not.  Every time I thought of it, my heart rate would speed up, I’d break out in a little mini sweat and my extremities would curl up within themselves.

When I got there, I told the so-young-he-could-be-my-son physician’s assistant who was to be doing the removing that I am a big fat baby and that I was utterly disgusted by the fact that there is thread in my leg holding together pieces of skin.  Utterly, utterly disgusted beyond words.  I’m not sure if he thought I was funny or just another nut job.  But I’m guessing the latter.  Because his giggle was more of the “I hope I get the hell out of here alive” anxious type.

So, I laid down on the bed/gurney/whatever it’s called thingy and put a magazine over my face.  I yucked, gagged and basically made an ass out of myself.  I asked him what was taking so long to which he replied, “I’m done.”

What do you mean you’re done?  So, it took him 3 seconds each “hole” to remove my stitches. I guess I should say “stitch” because that is what each incision had.  A stitch.  All that anxiety over that?  Come on.  Those people really ought to make it look better.  I mean, how dumb will I sound repeating this story to my friends and family (like right now) without any drama.  Embarrassing.

So, now I have another issue.  I’m freaking out because I have to deal with this weird pulling sensation.  Where my stitches were.  I’m so incredibly grossed out by this feeling.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  And there is something on my bandaid.  I had DH look at it last night to make sure there is no blood.  He says there isn’t blood.  He’s no doctor.  But I think I need one.  Pronto.  Or I may bleed to death.  Don’t you think?

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