Late for a Very Important Date

1334855912869_7115525I try to be punctual. I really do.  If I’m meeting the girls for a drink, dinner or a movie, I’m consistently on time. Sometimes even a bit early.

For some reason, I can’t seem to be on time for something really important. Like a doctor’s appointment. As you know, the other day I was seeing a new eye doctor because of that weird dotty thing that showed up on an X-ray.

Before I left for my appointment, DH asked me to stop by the bank to make a deposit. Sure I’m going by there anyway. The only problem is that the customer at the drive-up window is taking forever.  Then after what seems like an eternity, I see the little drawer pop out of the window.  Oh, thank God.  I was just starting to get that irritating tingling feeling I get when I start to lose it.  But then the chick in the car sits there for what seems like minutes. Freaking hell.  MOVE.IT.ALONG.

Then I get on the highway.  So we had a blizzard that dumped 2 feet of snow on us. Get over it. That was three days ago. Then we had a little frozen rain last night. So what?  Look if you can’t handle a little ice, you probably should stay home. People who drive the speed limit in the fast lane really ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Then there’s the person at the light.  Where does it say “No Right on Red?”  NO WHERE THAT’S WHERE!  Good golly people. At this point, I’m screaming every obscenity known to man thinking this moron is going to hear me.  That’s right, put your foot on that little pedal down there that makes your car go forward.  It’s real easy.

After all that, I was only one minute past my appointment time. Where I sat in the waiting room for 43 minutes. Where after they put that stupid blurry eye drop crap in my eyes I had to go back out and sit in the waiting room for another 22 minutes.  Nothing like a little hurry up and wait to end the day.

On the way home I felt so much more relaxed. I’m in no rush.  And I’m relieved I only have a freckle.  It’s such a nice feeling.  Wait a minute.  Why is this guy up my ass?  Geez. Some people.

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