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Breakfast or lunch? Breakfast or lunch? That’s a tough decision when you visit Mamie’s in Roxbury. Especially when you haven’t eaten yet at all and it’s just before noon. The options on the menu are amazing. Here was the reason for my debacle:

Eggs Benedict, Roasted Summer Vegetable Hash or buttermilk pancakes; Blue cheese burger, BLT with fried green tomatoes or the smoked ham and brie sandwich. Just to name a few.

After much consideration (I’m not kidding — the server asked me three times if I was ready), I chose the three-egg omelet with cheddar cheese and tomatoes as well as a serving of blueberry pancakes. The omelet came with 2 slices of whole grain toast and sausage. It was a lot of food and I ate every last bit (minus the three bites of pancake I shared with DH).

Speaking of servers, there aren’t many. I saw two girls working the tables, and two people in the kitchen area. We had to wait a bit longer than usual for our meal but it was worth the wait. And like I’ve said before, I don’t mind waiting for my food as long as it comes the same day. And the staff is pleasant about it. Which they were. Adorable even.

I messed up the presentation before I thought to take a pic. Sorry if it doesn't look appetizing but trust me it is VERY appetizing.
I messed up the presentation before I thought to take a pic. Sorry if it doesn’t look appetizing but trust me it is VERY appetizing. And yes, I like ketchup with my eggs.

The eggs were perfectly fluffy and made in a square shape which was totally fun for me because I’m ten in a forty-eight year old body. The bread was cut into thick slices and as fresh as if it just came out of the oven. The pancakes were divine and were filled with oodles of blueberries that burst in a blueberry explosion on your tongue. The pancake itself was cooked so thin it was like a crepe.

DH had the chicken salad sandwich. It came with a side of french fries. He really enjoyed it. I took a bite and it was delicious. Not over the top in flavor, but subtle in a good way. The bread was this brioche type of bun and bounced back when you touched it.

Our bill came to $30. Before tip. But if I wasn’t a pig and didn’t order two breakfasts, it would have been $24. I don’t think that’s too bad for breakfast/lunch, do you? I mean, damn. McDonalds can be that much.

They don’t serve mimosa’s or any kind of alcohol for that matter, so don’t expect it. They serve dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, but you can bring your own bottle of wine or whatever you wish. The menu seems to change often because of their use of fresh and local produce, so you won’t get the same thing twice too often.

Don’t check their website for an updated menu because it won’t be there. In fact, the site doesn’t seem to be updated often and there isn’t a ton of information. Their website says they do brunch on the weekends and when I called, the girl who answered said, “oh, we haven’t updated the website in a long time…” So, there you go.

Roosters at Mamie'sThe decor is maybe a mid-century country french provincial (is that even a thing?) but I’m not really sure. There are some antiques in the small dining room (very small…I’m talking maybe five or six tables). There are rusted out metal roosters perched along the lawn. Very quaint, very welcoming.

The restaurant sits along Baker Road (AKA Rte. 63) in country-esque Roxbury. Umbrella’d picnic tables sit on the grass for larger parties. There is a covered porch with  four or five tables for smaller parties. It seems like a great place to sit if it’s a nice summer evening for dinner.

Unfortunately, we had to sit inside although it was a beautiful day. The wait for an outside table was way too long and I was way too starved. I don’t think they take reservations unless you have a party of five or more.

Be prepared to wait regardless if you go during a peak time. I feel like this is a place the locals favor and really only know about but it’s definitely like that private beach on that island you went to last summer. Once word really gets out, it will be impossible to secure some real estate. (Note: we knew about this place from friends of ours)

Overall, it was a great dining experience and look forward to going back!

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