Saving Lives One Boob at a Time

A couple months ago, I told you about my friend Wendy and her cancer diagnosis. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

But to give you a recap, she was dying her hair in her gorgeous red signature color when she dropped a blob of dye on her left boob. When she went to wipe it up, she felt a lump. Talk about  a sign from God? Geez, it doesn’t get any louder than that.

Anyway, it turns out she has a very rare form of breast cancer called Triple Negative Metaplastic Carcinoma. It is so rare, it only occurs in 1% of women. And because of her love for red hair, she caught it while she was in Stage 1.

My friend Wendy

She has started her chemo treatment which has made her hair fall out. She is in the process of getting a wig, but I have to say she pretty much rocks the do-rag. In fact, if you ask me, she looks downright gorgeous! But I’m not here to tell you about how she looks without her hair…

I’m writing to you for a few reasons. The first and most important reason is to remind you to give yourself a breast exam. I never did before and now I do regularly. If Wendy saves even one life, I know it will be worth it to her.

Second, with her treatment and inability to work full-time, her expenses are creeping up. If you so desire, please help her and her wonderful family. Even a $5 donation will mean a great deal to them. Click this link if you would like to make a contribution.

Third, she is building a team of walkers for Relay for Life in her town. Please consider buying a t-shirt (they are so cute), making a donation to the cause, or if you are local, joining her team. Here is the link for that.

She started a #myleftboob campaign after her diagnosis to raise awareness of this disease. She’s amazing and probably one of the strongest women I know. The things she is accomplishing while she is undergoing treatment makes Oprah look bad.

If you are interested in joining her in her campaign, just Instagram or Tweet a photo of you and your left boob. Not the naked boob because well, you’ll get in trouble. Here is a sampling of what I did. Just make sure you hashtag it like this: #myleftboob and tag Wendy by doing this: @wendipoprock so she can see you and say hello.

picstitchWendy is an awesome writer and has a blog so if you’d like to follow along on her journey with her, click here. She’s also in the process of doing a documentary but you can find all that information on her blog.

See, I told you she has a lot going on. I feel like a damn slouch. But I’m not here to talk about me.

I know that was a lot of information and links. So, choose one or all. Wendy’s story is interesting. And who knows? Maybe she’ll save your life.

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