How many times have I sent out an email with that word in the subject line?  “Oops.”  Too many to mention.  But most recently, 3 days ago.

The kid has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in her left foot.  From too many toe stands during dance class.  The doctor is advising against any physical activity that would require her to use her feet.  In other words, she can do nothing.  Except swim.  And since I am the perfect mother, she only knows how to do the doggie paddle.  Hey, at least she can keep her head above the water.

I had to tell her tennis coach that she will be taking a bit of a break.  Here is what my email to her looked like:

“Hi *****,

I wanted to be in touch with you and let you know that (the kid) will not be able to play tennis until at least June 10. She was diagnosed today wit a stress frat urs in her left foot therefore her do for has advised her against any activity including her boved dance and gym.”

Okay, say what? She was diagnosed with what and by whom?  Yes, that went out.  The woman must think I am a complete nut job and/or a dumb ass.  And she would be correct in both regards. At least it’s in good company.  Once I sent the kid’s guidance counselor an email that contained my Christmas wishes that was supposed to be for DH’s eyes only.  (insert cringe here)

I immediately sent out an apology.  With the correct terminology and spelling.  Just one more embarrassing moment to add to my list of Embarrassing Moments.  Oh, and the nice coach lady informed me that tennis will be over before June 10.  Again, I am the perfect mother.  Because I knew that.  Didn’t I?