Pass the Soap


I’ve got a bone to pick with the manufacturers of all automatic public restroom appliances.  Whether it be the soap and paper towel dispenser, the sink and even the toilet—they all suck.  For the record, they are not supposed to suck.  They are supposed to wash, rinse and dry your hands.

Let’s start with the soap dispenser.  Holy hell.  Spit some damn soap out, will you?   We stand there waving and waving.  If we are lucky, we may be rewarded with a teeny squirt enough to wash the tip of your finger.  3 minutes go by and you may have enough to actually wash an entire hand.  Forget about trying to add some water, that’s another 3 minutes.  I feel like I’m playing musical sinks running from one to another to get one that actually works.

And the automatic paper towel dispenser?  Again, they give you enough to dry half a hand, so we stand there and listen to the motor pump out an inch of paper at a time begging for more, only to feel like a total loser.  Nothing like INCREASING our carbon footprint.

One more thing.  Who likes to get sprayed in the nether regions when we least expect it?  I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of bacteria was just splashed at my hoo-hoo.  I find myself in a race against time to step away before it’s done its thing.  Too often I lose.

So, hear hear to the old fashioned pumps, faucets, flushers and manual handle turning of yesteryear.  Screw it if we contract flu or malaria.  It’s totally worth it.