Flick My Bic

My secret weapon

I love to tell The Kid stories from my youth.  Of course, she could probably care less.  I’m pretty sure most of my stories bore her to tears.  But I trudge on.  Not really caring what she thinks because she MUST know.  I mean, there is no way she can go on without knowing what my life was like as a teen.  I had no cell phone.  I had no laptop.  I had no texting.  But do you know what I did have?  Eyeliner pencil that was applied by heating it with a lighter.

Me and my “liquid” eyeliner

I remember ducking into the girl’s bathroom between classes to reapply.  Lighting the end of my liner pencil until it was soft.  Pulling down my lower lid and applying hot, black, liquified liner to the inside of my eye.  What is that part of the eye even called?  I don’t know, but it was silly.  What I did.  What all of my female classmates did.  And what you did.  Because I know you did this exact same thing.  Don’t try to deny it.

And if we forgot our liner at home, or lost it, or it was too short to use any longer, we would borrow a friends.  Because we loved to share everything.  Including Pink Eye.  And another perk?  Those cool little funky black dot floater things.  Running all around the white part of our eyeballs.  So sexy hot.  Honestly, I don’t know how I wasn’t distracted by everything going on in there.

After reminiscing with myself about my beauty routine of 1984, I wondered if anyone still does this?  So I did a little Google search.  And the answer is “yes.”  This silly little beauty ritual is still practiced today by some.  But I think I’ll stick with eyeshadow.  It’s fast, easy and foolproof.  I don’t need a steady hand.  And I happen to like my eyeballs where they are.  Droopy eyelids included.