Tribute To Our One Minute Dog


I am not a dog person.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with one.  Well, unless you count the time my brother brought home a puppy Rotweiler against my parents’ wishes and then left to go into the Army a couple of years later but I was in my late teens so that doesn’t really count.  And because the dog was so mean, he kind of spent a lot of time out in the backyard so there really was no bonding.  I don’t even remember if I petted the guy much.

But anyway, like I was saying…I am not much of a dog person.  I appreciate them, I have empathy for them.  I can’t watch that Sarah McLachlan commercial with the abused animals because it breaks my heart and makes me sick that there are people in this world who can hurt poor innocent animals.  But if I’m outside going for a walk and someone walks by with their dog and that dog is chomping at the bit to be pet and the owner is all smiley and looking at me with that look like their dog is the cutest thing ever, I barely glance in their direction.  I’m all like, “look lady, you and your dog may think you are the cat’s meow and you think I should drool and ogle over your pup, but I’m just on a walk here and if he comes over and jumps on me, I will certainly freak.”

You can ask any of my dog owner friends.  I have a problem with dogs all up in my crotch, sniffing at me, jumping on me, their wet nose brushing against my hand, or even worse…their sloppy wet tongue leaving slobber all over my clothes.  Eww.

Then we got Kobe.  Kobe is a nearly 3 year old purebred German Shepard from Germany.  No lie.  A german German Shepard.  I think he is actually bilingual.  He is fully trained.  No poo or pee on the floor, no jumping up in my business, no slobber.  He walks next to you when you go for a walk.  And he is friggin’ cute.

I just want a HUG!
I just want a HUG!

My heart softened.  I fell for this dog pretty quickly.  I actually would pet him all the time.  I would get up in his face and squeeze him.  Kinda like you do when your toddler does something super cute.  And I talked to him in baby talk.  It was weird.  I was weird.  I didn’t even know who I was.

Except after a few short weeks, we realized he wasn’t a good fit.  We had him for a month.  As sweet as he was, he was depressed.  He didn’t eat.  He moped around like someone went and killed his daddy.  And I don’t think he liked me.  Was it because I wouldn’t let him lick my eyeballs?  Or was it because I was all up in his business all the time?  Perhaps a little of both.

So, we did what we thought was best for us all.  He went back to his trainer.  It’s a long story, but originally Kobe wasn’t really for sale.  Somehow we managed to get him anyway.  So, he is back where he really belongs.  He’s in a great place.  He’s eating again.  And smiling.  Running around and playing with puppies and herding goats.

It was a difficult decision.  We had fallen in love with Kobe, but we had to do the right thing.  It does my heart good to know he’s happy again.  But here’s the thing…I’ve softened to dogs.  Now I will pet my friends’ dogs.  Even the annoying ones.  I look at them differently.  I actually notice how cute that dog is with his head sticking out of that car window.  I look at people walking their dogs and say “aww, aren’t you sweet?”  I may even pet them.

So, maybe having a dog in this house doesn’t fit us.  That’s fine.  But I am grateful for our dog experience.  As short-lived as it was.  Because it made me appreciate these animals more.  It was a learning experience.  One I’m glad I had.  For the record, I still don’t like slobber and crotch sniffing.  Yeah, just stay away from the crotch area and we’ll be good.