A Valentine’s Day Rant

imagesSo, it’s Valentines Day. Well, by the time I have published this post, Valentine’s Day will be pretty much over. Another one bites the dust. Too bad.

I’m not much for V Day. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s another holiday that I have to remember to go out and buy a card for. A purchase that I have inevitably put off until the last minute so when I get to the Hallmark store, the red hearted card aisle is five people deep all the way to the back of the store. I have to fight the crowds to buy a left-over that will cost me as much as five bucks.

DH was smart this year and made me a card. It’s adorable and it came from his heart. I believe he started a new tradition. Why we didn’t think of this earlier really stumps me. If I do the math quickly, we could have saved over $250 just in cards alone over the years.

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is like doing your Christmas shopping the weekend before Christmas. It’s overcrowded and rushed. I would much rather eat macaroni and cheese while watching reruns of “Top Gear” with my man than have to deal with trying to find a parking spot in a lot that is overcrowded with cars and 50 piles of snow from the twenty snowstorms we have had. Only having to go inside to fight more crowds. We go out to dinner often. I don’t need to go when most of the world feels like it’s a necessity.

UnknownDH used to get me roses every year. Although I have always appreciated my roses and do love the sentiment, I don’t like flowers. The smell reminds me of a funeral, I forget to keep water in them, they die and then they sit around in the vase for a month because I’m lazy. Then when I do get around to throwing them away, they have that awful putrid, dead and disgusting decayed smell that lingers in my house for a day. Gross.

With that being said, I have bought The Kid something every year for this holiday since she was a baby. It’s a little hypocritical of me. I suppose I just want her to enjoy all the holidays and have a tradition of sorts. I’m not really into St. Patrick’s Day either although I’m Irish, but I have been known to make some leprechaun prints on the toilet seat and corned beef and cabbage sandwiches even though I’m not a big fan. But I do this because I have a child. It just comes with the territory.

I feel like this holiday is a day for retailers to jack up the prices of flowers and chocolates and it’s annoying. Here’s what I say…appreciate your loved ones and/or significant other every day of the year. DH surprises me all year long, whether it be something he bought for me that he thought I might like, cooks dinner or does the laundry.  We try to take the time to appreciate each other and exchange “I love you’s” on the daily. I don’t need a day to remind me to do that.

Do I judge those who celebrate this day? Of course not. To each his own. That’s the great thing about this country. You can have your own opinion of things and do what you want. Just leave me out of it. I’m going to go stir my mac and cheese now. Enjoy your happy heart day. Make tomorrow the same.