The Dangers of Dressing Rooms

I took a shower for the first time today in 2 days.  Why?  Because two days ago, I kept saying I was going to exercise.  Why shower before that if I’m only going to sweat the clean right off.  Fortunately, I went for my walk.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen until late in the day.  I went to bed stinky because I got lazy.  I even had the same underwear on from the day before.  I’m sorry.

The next day:  Repeat.  Don’t rinse.  So when I woke up today and realized that I either shower or get evicted, I chose to shower.  I had to run errands and be presentable anyway.

On my errand-running list of things to do was a stop in Marshall’s.  I really needed some spring tops.  I went into the dressing room with a few items to try on.  There was a really cute shirt that was my style and that I was pretty sure I would buy.  As I lifted it over my head, I was hit with the stench of B.O.   “Hmmm, that’s weird,” I thought to myself, “I just freaking showered.  Unless I missed a spot, I can’t understand how that could be.”   I sniffed my pits.  It wasn’t me.  I actually smelled good.  It was the shirt. How do I know?  Because I felt compelled to stick my nose into the fabric and inhale deeply.  Needless to say, I didn’t buy the shirt.  But I did feel the need to disinfect my face.

That got me to thinking about all the stuff we try on when we go shopping.  And all the stuff other people try on when they go shopping.  The armpits of shirts.  The crotch of pants.  Smelly, sweaty feet trying on shoes.  And bathing suits?  Do those little adhesive strips really provide enough protection from bacteria that may be harboring about?  Herpes is not exactly on my bucket list.

Will this new thought prevent me from trying on clothes?  Of course not.  I mean, I can’t  continue to wear crap from 2006.  I have been trying on and buying clothes my whole life and I haven’t died yet or even contracted scabies.  I will just be a little more on guard.  Maybe a nice coat of armor.  Anyone know of a good blacksmith?

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