The Serious and Silly Sides of Spirituality (Guest Post by Rachel Archelaus)

Spirituality is serious business.  It’s quite normal in my line of work to facilitate life-changing, emotional events.  In other words, I make people cry…a lot.

As a psychic medium & life coach I get deep into my client’s darkest recesses dragging out forgotten traumas and buried dreams.  We lay them all out in the sun and deal with these things where change and understanding can actually occur.  It’s sometimes draining and requires lots of tissues, but luckily there is another side to these sessions that often lifts the mood.

I have spoken with hundreds of different spirit guides and angels in my days on this earth and they never, ever get boring.  In fact, I have laughed more from dancing angels and levitating spirit guides than from real people!  I’ll never forget the day that one particular angel entered my life.  His name is Enduron.

My first introduction to him happened in a meditation.  I was speaking with my other angel group.  These angels appeared cloaked in white robes and were standing beside each other on a cloud.  You know, “normal” angel stuff.  I was going to teach a class on angels and asked my regular helpers if any of them would like to come and help me out.  To my surprise, they all said no!

A few seconds later, a new guy comes forward and says that he would happily assist me.  From the start I knew he was different.  He appeared brighter and was much more flamboyant in his speech.  He also seemed to be dancing.  It was sort of a jig movement where his feet would alternate a little kick.  It was absolutely hilarious.

I thought that I’d seen the extent of his personality with the dancing, but I was wrong.  We finalized the topic of the class and agreed on the logistics, and then he did something I wasn’t expecting.

He started to topple, feet over head, rolling on down to earth like a stunt dummy that had been thrown off a roof top in a bad 80’s movie.  Literally tumbling through the sky.  I almost peed myself at the sight.

Enduron did not disappoint at our class.  He let people ask him questions, and I translated the answers of course.  People could really feel his personality through his words and I was very honored to be connecting people with him.  He merged serious and silly more perfectly than I ever thought possible.  It was truly inspirational.

Spirit guides are much the same.  They all have their own way of being, communicating, and appearing.  Because they don’t have physical bodies, they get to choose how they look.  Sometimes they look like the guy next door, and sometimes they look like a pile of jelly.

I teach a psychic development for beginners class at a local wellness center, and during the last class, I introduce each student to their major spirit guide group.  This is the group that is offering a specific energy to their ‘client’ in order to balance, heal, or accomplish some other beneficial end for them.

For example, If I’ve been working too much, my spirit guides may send me tropical breeze energy so that I take a break and relax.  If you’ve been having trouble getting motivated, your spirit guides may send you inspirational energy so you can start taking action again.  They are amazingly kind, it’s their job.  But it’s the way they represent themselves that makes it funny.

I don’t think that most spirit guides have a sense of humor comparable to humans.  I think they just access our memories and put on an outfit that would make sense to them.  For example, if they are helping someone stay grounded & down to earth, they may appear as a mountain range in my mind’s eye so that I feel that solid, heavy energy.  They’re covering their bases so I can understand what they’re doing.

If someone is too uptight, what do you think they do?  You may not have guessed this one, but it’s not unheard of to have a jello mold for a guide group.  I’ve also seen a gaggle of tiny gnome people; a loud, bumbling ogre making stew; a moss nest located deep in the forest; a cloud you could live in; and so much more.  I think the funniest one I ever saw was an actual replica of the Michelin Man.

So while spirituality can be heavy, emotional and serious, it’s really only people who make it that way.  The spirit world is capable of being sillier than the best stand up comic we have.  I think part of it is that these spirits don’t even know they’re being funny…though I’m pretty sure Enduron did.

And next time you need a little mood boost or some motivation, don’t forget to ask your guides for some help.  They’re probably already on the case sending you some jello or marshmallow love.  Just sit back and accept.

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known psychic development coach, teacher, author & artist.  She helps clients untangle lifetimes of issues and empowers them to live from their higher selves.  Check out her free training, Become Your Own Oracle at
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  1. I love my Spirit Guides and both of you girls, too! Thank you, Rachel, for helping me find my way on my oh-so-interesting journey. And even though you say I don’t need the help anymore, I am glad to call you a friend and a very skilled, highly intuitive mentor. Thank you so much for the fun meetings with my spirit Guides…I love that they always want us to be open and free! Happy New Year, Rachel and Maureen…you girls are setting the world on fire ! Let’s hope 2014 brings nothing but the very best for all of us, for we are all meant to work together for some higher purpose, aren’t we? Perhaps the Magdalene will reveal to us exactly what we are meant to do together…hmmmmmm. Cannot wait…;)

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